Monday, October 31, 2011

Seoul at night

I went to the Seoul Tower to get some night shots of the city. Little did I know that I would be training for the next Iron Man competition.

The tower sits atop Namsan Mountain. There is a cable car that will take you up the mountain but from the nearest subway station you first have to walk up a steep and winding road and stairs to almost the halfway point before reaching the cable car station. Then of course there are more stairs at the cable car station. Then even more stairs once you get off of the cable car to get to the entrance to the tower. The view was spectacular but my legs were dead by the time I got there.

Below is a selection of photos that I took. More photos can be viewed in my Flickr photo album.

Seoul Tower

The men's room.
The men's room.

Walking around Seoul

After visiting Gyeongbokgung Palace I walked around the streets of the area.

Below is a selection of photos that I took. More photos can be viewed in my Flickr photo album.

I came across the American Embassy. It was surrounded by police patrolling the streets.

The American Embassy
The men in gray shirts, dark pants, and dark caps are police. Nice wall and barbed wire fence.

I walked around and found a great Vietnamese restaurant. Always get off the big main streets and wander down the smaller streets with everyone else. That's where the great food is.

Pho noodles with beef.

After lunch I went looking for the Canadian Embassy. It was a few minutes walk away.

The Canadian Embassy.
No walls. No fence. No police patrolling the street in front.

Sit, have a rest and a coffee. We don't mind.
I wonder if it was Timmies.

Then I wandered down to Seoul Station. I walked through it with my luggage after I arrived on my flight last night. It reminded me a lot of Shinjuku Station in Tokyo...very big and very busy.

Then I headed back to the hotel to rest for a bit and upload my pictures.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

The first palace built during the Joseon Dynasty (1392 - 1910). Destroyed during the Japanese invasion (1592 - 1598) and was rebuilt 273 years later by King Gojong (1863 - 1907).

Below is a selection of pictures that I took. Many more pictures can be found in my Flickr photo album.

Guards dressed in period costumes.

This artist drew quite a large crowd of admirers.

Class picture time. So cute.

Short video of the Hyangwon-jeong area. All my videos can be viewed on my Youtube channel.