Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last day in Naha

The weather was great today. It started out cloudy but by noon the sky was mostly clear of clouds. I'm a little disappointed in myself for not renting a car past yesterday because today would have been a great day for getting out of Naha and up the coast. But it seems things are starting to get better in Bangkok so there is at least that portion of the trip for some fun in the sun.

I started out my day by visiting Fukushuen a Chinese style park just up the street from my hotel.

The turtles and fish in the ponds were insane. If they caught your shadow in the water they would all come swimming over to where you were standing and I do mean ALL of them.

I figured it was because they were used to being fed and after a short look around I found a food dispenser. I bought a small box of food and tossed a few pellets into the water.

Feeding frenzy. All of my videos can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

After some time in the park I walked over to Kokusai Dori (International Street) the main tourist shopping street in Naha.

They sell everything imaginable in the way of tourist souvenirs.

Habu in a jar, anyone?

Let's get nice and close for my favourite Aunt. I know she will appreciate it.

It's actually Okinawan awamori a type of liquor.

Mango ice cream
Mango soft ice cream. Awesome.

There are a lot of side shopping streets that branch off of Kokusai Dori.

After a while the stores all started to look the same and in the maze of streets branching off and circling back, I could no longer tell what stuff I had seen and what I had not. I headed out and found my way back to Kokusai Dori.

With the weather so nice I decided to just wander towards the beach I visited the other day. Even though it isn't the greatest beach I decided to just sit for a while, watch the few people that were there, and rest.

There was a shrine near the beach and since November 15th is Shichi-Go-San parents were taking their children to the shrine. Shichi-Go-San is festival day for 7 (shichi), 5 (go), and 3 (san) year old children.

I think she saw me pointing my camera at her.

All of my photos of Naha can be viewed in my Flickr photo album.

Tomorrow I am off to Kyoto. Oh, and I finally tried that Pepsi Pink. It tasted like Crush Cream Soda.