Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last day in Seoul

For my last day in Seoul I didn't have anything special planned. I headed over to the Myeong-dong area which is "The" shopping district in Seoul and just walked around.

Below is a selection of photos that I took. More photos can be viewed in my Flickr photo album.

Myeong-dong shopping district

Premium grocery store in the basement of the Lotte Department Store.

Found where they have been hiding the Krispy Kreme. Though Dunkin' Donuts is all over the place here (like Tim Horton's back home).

Myeong-dong area

I came across a Korean folk music performance in the Cheonggyecheon area a little ways away from Myeong-dong.

Korean Folk Music Performance

Korean Folk Music Performance

Korean Folk Music Performance

I shot a video of the performance as well. Though it ends abruptly after about 2 minutes because as I was filming a man came up to me and kept saying "Hello" while jabbing his business card at me. Not entirely sure what that was about though because after I accepted his card he just walked away.