Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I made it to Thailand without any problems. The hotel I have booked in Phuket is small but the staff and other guests are very friendly. The owner is a guy that enjoys his motorcycles and has toured a lot of the world on one and his bar and hotel reflect that. He built the bar 10 years ago and about 2 years ago decided to add on the hotel. So far it seems that the other guests here are mainly Aussies and a lot of them from Perth since it is only a 6 hour plane ride for them to get here. At 6 hours I'd be here at least once a month. The weather is great; 35+ degrees, sunny and if it rains it is early evening and only for about 20 minutes and then it clears right up.

I don't know how often I will be posting now. My trip is going to take a different tone and I don't have any specifics sights that I am planning to visit. I just want to enjoy the sun, the heat, and the beach and relax for the next couple of weeks before heading back to the cold weather.

The beach:

The hotel and bar:

I was given the Harley-Davidson room.

The bar.