Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I have flown over to the other side of the country from Phuket and I am now in Pattaya.
It has a different feel to it than Phuket. Probably because it is just a large city on the shores of Gulf of Thailand. Where as Phuket is dotted with smaller urban areas so the people are not all concentrated in one spot. Also there are a lot of Russian tourists in Pattaya and I mean A LOT. If it wasn't for the sun, beach, and palm trees I could be in downtown Moscow.

I'm staying at the new Hilton just across from the beach. I had prepaid for this hotel and would have been out quite a bit of money if I didn't come. But so far I like Phuket much better and almost regret booking a stay in Pattaya.

My suite on the 25th floor:

View from the balcony: