Friday, May 9, 2014

Hakodate - Day 2

I managed to catch part of the morning market.  It is right next to my hotel so it was a quick walk.  There was quite a variety of seafood on offer but it appears that the market is catering mostly to tourists as there were tour groups being brought through.

The market also had an inside area carrying not only seafood but a wide range of produce as well.

There were also several restaurants offering fresh seafood for breakfast.

Or you could try catching your own squid.

And they would clean it and serve it up for you.

Nearby there is an area of restored red brick warehouses that had been built in the late 18th to early 19th century.  Hakodate was one of three ports in Japan that were opened up to foreign trade and the warehouses were built to support this new trade.  Today they have been restored and house tiny shop after tiny shop all offering crappy tourist souvenirs and other kitsch.

With trade opened up there was an influx of foreigner traders into Hakodate and many of them settled in an area of the city known as Motomachi.  Many of the buildings in the area still have a distinctly Western style to them.

Looking up towards the Motomatchi district.

The former British Consulate.   Today it houses a gift shop offering a bunch of British themed souvenirs as well as a Victorian era tea room.

There were also a couple of former Hakodate government buildings with decidedly Western architectural influences.

Located a fair distance way (about 1km) and further uphill was the former Russian Consulate.

Exactly as I pictured it during my walk there...abandoned and run-down.

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