Saturday, May 10, 2014

Onuma Koen

I headed outside of Hakodate today, about 20 km north, to Onuma Koen (Onuma Park).  It is comprised of two lakes dotted with small islands.  There are bridges and walking trails to many of the islands and in many places you get a magnificent view of Mount Komagatake, a dormant volcano.  People were not only on the walking trails but also fishing, boating and just sitting around enjoying the sunny day.

There were quite a few busloads of tourists pouring into the area, but the park is so large that the crowds easily disappeared into the trees and many times I found myself alone and enjoying the quiet.

There are not many pictures from today because you can only take so many shots of the water, the islands, the walking trails or the mountain.  So eventually I put away my camera and just enjoyed walking around the area.