Monday, May 12, 2014

Otaru and Historic Hokkaido

This morning I headed about 45 minutes outside of Sapporo to the town of Otaru.  I had read on a travel website that it was a picturesque town with a preserved historic canal area.  Otaru is on the coast and the canal was used for transporting goods to and from warehouses.

That's it.  The canal is a little longer than just this section, but the picturesque, preserved area is these few buildings.

Oh, there was a seagull who seemed to enjoy posing to have its picture taken.

I wasn't impressed.  Especially with the 45 minute train ride to get there.  I was less impressed when getting back to Sapporo turned into a bit of a joke.   To make a long story short, something happened somewhere and all trains going through the Otaru station had been cancelled.  Luckily the bus station was next to the train station and I was able to catch a bus back to Sapporo.

After getting back to Sapporo I headed over to the Historic Village of Hokkaido.   It's an open air museum where they have relocated many older, original buildings from around Hokkaido that represent a town from the late 1800s to earlier 1900s as well as a fishing village and a farming village.

Main street of the town.  They had a vintage streetcar pulled by horse running along the tracks.

Video walk-thru of one of the houses from the town.

Junior High School.

From the desk and the pictures on the wall, I am guessing that this is the Principal's office.



General store.

Inside the General Store.

Sweet Shop.

Inside the Sweet Shop.

The local newspaper.

The printing press.

Racks of the letters used in the printing press.

The fishing village.

Wealthy fisherman's home.

The wealthy family lived on one side of the home.

The fishermen that worked for the family lived in a shared common area on the other side of the house.

All of my pictures from around Sapporo can be viewed in my Sapporo Flickr Album.