Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Today I went about 2 hours north into the mountains to the town of Takayama.  Takayama has a preserved area of town that dates back about 400 years.  Most of the preserved buildings are now cafes, restaurants, or small shops selling tourist souvenirs.  I had hoped that going early on a weekday morning would mean that it wasn't crowded.  Unfortunately it seemed that everyone else had the same hope.

Automated doll that was driven by a water wheel in the canal below.

After a while I wandered away from the touristy area to other parts of the town.

Narrow streets.  The white line marks the sidewalk.

Eventually I came upon a park that turned out to be more mountain than park.  Realizing it had been awhile since I had last tried to climb a mountain with trails in terrible condition I thought I would give this one a go.

I was rewarded for my effort with a single reconstructed wall and a few markers where a castle had stood hundreds of years ago.

Well at least I was away from the crowds.